Self Defense Training

  Self Defense Classes Near Me

Developed by the Israel Defense Forces, Krav Maga was designed as a self defense martial art. The beauty of this martial art is that it was designed around real world and real life experiences. The designers of this self defense training were well versed in street fighting, and understood the various situations and techniques that were needed to successfully defend oneself. This self defense training focuses on both offensive and defensive maneuvers to successfully neutralize an attack from an aggressor. Self defense training should be practical and easy for everyone to understand. That is why the professionals at Carolina Fighting Arts are happy to teach this self defense training to all the inhabitants in the Carolina area.

If you are searching for "self defense classes near me", reach out to the team at Carolina Fighting Arts. With over 10 years of Krav Maga experience our team is happy to help teach you these self defense tactics and practices. The team at Carolina Fighting Arts is happy to teach our techniques and lessons to all members of our community regardless of age, occupation, ability, or experience. If you are searching for "self defense classes near me" be sure to reach out to the professionals. Currently we offer evening classes, three days a week. This is perfect for working professionals that may have difficulty reaching the gym during working hours. Our weekday classes begin at 7:30 pm, and we offer Sunday evening classes beginning at 6:00 pm. Don't let your busy work schedule get in the way of your right to defend yourself. Be sure to sign up for a weeknight class at our gym to help learn the art of self defense.